Embark on Cosmic Capers with Minuto - Galactic Delivery!

Dive into a universe of cozy cosmic conundrums and brain-teasing adventures with "Minuto - Galactic Delivery", the puzzle game that's as math-y as it is heartwarming! Prepare to join Minuto, the lovable space rabbit with a penchant for speedy deliveries, as he navigates the cosmos in the most unconventional way possible.

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Key Features:

🐰 Meet Minuto: Strap in with Minuto, the pocket-sized space rabbit, as he zips through the galaxy with the speed of, well, a minute! His delivery company is small but sprightly, and he's ready to prove that size doesn't matter when it comes to delivering packages across the stars.

🧩 Puzzle Your Way: Get your thinking caps on because "Minuto - Galactic Delivery" is a puzzle game that'll tickle your brain cells! As Minuto, your task is to concoct routes to reach customers' planets. The twist? Your ship can split into multiple vessels, but they all must land simultaneously. Maneuver through obstacles, avoid cosmic hiccups, and don't let your ships get all "tangled up"!

🪐 Hidden Lore: Beneath the simple story and charming characters lies a galaxy of hidden lore waiting to be uncovered. Engage with witty dialogues that might seem ordinary to the casual player, but for the more astute gamers, they unveil a grander narrative lurking in the background. What's happening in this galaxy? Play to reveal the truth and earn your cosmic laurels.

🌌 Free-to-Play / No intrusive ads: Explore the stars at your own pace, as "Minuto - Galactic Delivery" offers a free-to-play experience, sprinkled with optional ads and donation opportunities. We believe in keeping the cosmos accessible to all, while giving enthusiastic players the chance to show their stellar support.

🌐 Multi Language: The game will be in English and Italian, with more languages to come.

📆 Launch Date: Mark your intergalactic calendar for September 30th! Soon, you'll be ableto join Minuto on his spacefaring escapades on your mobile device.


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Who am I:

I'm Simone Chelo! I'm an Italian developer based in Denmark. I'm currently working on the release of Minuto (of which I worked on Project, Development, Design, Dialogues and UI Graphics), and as a developer on another project, SeaRing, of which I'm a developer. I do this a bit more than part-time, and working on other non-games project the rest of the time.